What's an App?

App is short for application. An app is a software program that runs on your computer, the internet, your iPad, tablet or smartphone. There are literally thousands of apps and more come out everyday. If you are using iPads, Apple has created an special collection for education. You can explore its collections by grade level or by subject; there's also a collection for special education. The collection of Apps for teachers allow you to check Apps for planning and for teaching. Some apps are free, others you must pay for complete use. Either way, most are worth trying. Check them in the Apple Store.

Basic Apps for Planning your Teaching:

Evernote is a free app that let you capture your ideas in a neatly and organized way. You can search and synchronize these notes across devices and also shared them with others. 

Edmodo is also free and it can be used to set and monitor assignments. Use this platform for managing classroom instruction and participation, communicating learning goal with parents, etc, 

Class Dojo is an useful app to encourage and manage students’ participation and behavior. Set individualized goals for each student and send reports to parents.

Notability is perfect for annotating and voice recorder. Use notability for mark up homework, make diagrams, lessons with audio, and much more.