Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Flipped Classroom: What is it?

I have heard a lot lately about “flipping the classroom” (thus the title of this blog) and what it means in an era of technology in education. As with any new concept there are  pros and cons as whether this model is effective or not. According to ASCD research is still in process to demonstrate the effectiveness of flipped classrooms, still preliminary results indicate that overall those teachers who have implemented this method have seen positive results not only in test scores but also in learners’ attitudes. This impact is also evidenced in teachers’ satisfaction with their jobs as they reach diverse groups of students including those with special needs. In spite of the initial challenges, most teachers revealed that they would continue implementing the model in their future classrooms. Is a flipped classroom for you?
Flipping the Classroom
Check this infographic from Knewton for more information about this method.

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